A Leading HBCU for R&D Contract Opportunities

AAMU-RISE Foundation Core Competencies

The AAMU-RISE Foundation’s mission is to grow and develop in research, particularly contract research in partnership with other organizations, whether they are private or  government entities. We leverage their capabilities and our capabilities in contract-related endeavors that seek solutions to real-world, complex, problems.

The AAMU-RISE Foundation has established past performance through contracts and subcontracts with government agencies and industry partners such as:

In state-of-the-art laboratory facilities located on the      campus of Alabama A&M University, internationally renowned researchers and faculty with vast expertise in  multi-disciplines conduct R&D  in emerging technologies such as additive manufacturing, biotechnology, and solar  hybrid energy sources.

HBCUs can generate revenue and propel their students to the top of the competition by developing their research and contract capabilities the way the AAMU-RISE Foundation has. Performance on contract-based tasks allows them to work on real-life, meaningful technical projects that matter.

AAMU-RISE Foundation

541330      Engineering Services
541380      Testing Laboratories
541511       Custom Computer Programming Services
541512       Computer Systems Design Services
541513       Computer Facilities Management Services
541712       Research/Development in the physical, Engineering, and Life Sciences
541611       Administrative Management/ General Management Consulting Services
611430       Professional/Management Development Training

"I just think that the nation is missing out on a vital resource when we fail to recognize and utilize schools and campuses like Alabama A&M."

Charles Bolden

NASA Administrator


  • Integrated circuit design and fabrication
  • crystal growth
  • large and small bandgap and                             piezoelectric materials
  • nonlinear  optical materials


  • Image and signal processing
  • real-time embedded systems
  • cyber security
  • neural networks
  • modeling and simulation in biometrics
  • computational electromagnetic
  • computational fluid dynamics
  • finite element analysis


AAMU facilities include:

  • Mach 4 Supersonic Wind Tunnel Testing and Evaluation Center
  • Microelectronics Fabrication Facilities
  • Surface Analysis Laboratory
  • Electrical Characterization Laboratory
  • Tandem Accelerators (Pelletron & Tandetron)
  • Cyber Security
  • Clean Room


  • Advanced and additive manufacturing
  • Unmanned aircraft systems
  • Mach-5 wind tunnel
  • Rating 1000 clean room
  • Robotics
  • Nanotechnology
  • Microgravity research
  • Renewable and green energy
  • Sensors


  • Biotechnology and genetic engineering
  • Biofuels
  • Chemical sensors
  • Environmental research
  • Food microbiology
  • Food biotechnology
  • Nutritional biochemistry
  • Food engineering


Capabilities proven through past performance

DUNS: 079704930              CAGE: 7COE3            Federal EIN No: 46-4776909  Certificates and Registrations: SAM – Registered

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